BLS and xBLS Tokens

I would like to obtain BLS. How do I do that?

BLS can be purchased through DEX or CEX.

What is the process for obtaining xBLS?

BLS can be converted to xBLS at a 1:1 ratio under the xBLS tab.

What is the value of one xBLS?

The xBLS value is directly correlated to the BLS value. One xBLS equals one BLS

Does BLS have a capped supply?

Yes, the BLS has a total supply of 10,000,000. We also implemented some deflationary mechanisms in order to reduce the total supply.

Does xBLS have a capped supply?

xBLS is "wrapped" BLS, it doesn't have its own max supply. It is possible to have as many xBLSs in circulation as there are BLSs

Can I swap xBLS for any other token?

xBLS is not transferable. You can only redeem it to BLS

How long does it take for xBLS to redeem (vest)?

Minimum duration - 15 days (50% BLS output) Maximum duration - 180 days (100% BLS output) As your xBLS vest, 50% of the amount is automatically staked in the dividends, earning you rewards while the vesting period continues

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