Redeem xBLS

Through the vesting process, you can redeem xBLS for BLS.
As your xBLS vest, 50% of the amount is automatically staked in the dividends earning you rewards while the vesting period continues.
You must consider the following ratio and output rates when redeeming your xBLS tokens.
  • Minimum duration - 15 days (50% BLS output)
  • Maximum duration - 6 months (100% BLS output)
As an example: When you redeem 100 xBLS for 90 days (3 months), you'll get 72.3% of the BLS output, so after 90 days you'll get 72.3 BLS, during those 90 days, 50 xBLS is staked in dividends, which would earn you additional rewards.
Last modified 11mo ago