How to lock team tokens

Tutorial on Youtube: HERE

Follow the steps below to find out how to lock your team tokens:

Step 1: Go to Create Lock and submit your token contract address.

Or you can create the team tokens lock when you create your Launchpad at step 3: Launchpad Info.

Step 2: Fill in all relevant information

  1. Title: Whatever name you want, it usually is the name of your project. For ex: BlueSale team lock.

  2. Use another owner: If the owner that holds the project tokens is not this wallet, you can submit the owner's address by clicking on the β€œUse another owner" field.

  3. Amount: the amount of team locks tokens without commas.

  4. Cliff vesting (Minutes): Time (minutes) from listing time to the first claiming time.

  5. Lock After Cliff Vesting (Minutes): Time (minutes) from the first vesting time to the second vesting time.

  6. TGE Date (UTC): Actual time and date for TGE of team lock tokens vesting.

  7. TGE Percent: How many percent of the total team lock tokens amount will be released at TGE.

  8. Cycle (Minutes): How long, in minutes, between each tranche of vested tokens

  9. Cycle Release Percent (%): How many tokens will be released each cycle following the First Token Release tranche. Please note this is in percentage, not in the number of tokens.

Here is an example:

Step 3: Click on the β€œApprove” button. Your wallet will now ask you to confirm the transaction. It will also show you the fee you must pay for that transaction. If you agree, click the β€œConfirm” button to finish the "Lock" process.

Renounce Lock Ownership:

To renounce ownership, click on "Renounce Lock Ownership". Remember, only do this action when you fully understand how it works. We are not responsible for any damage that might happen if someone takes this action or doesn't.

=> Renouncing ownership will transfer ownership to a dead wallet preventing you from interacting, unlocking, or removing the liquidity/tokens at the end of the lock. This action will gain more trust from users since the project owners can not claim and sell tokens before the locking period ends.

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