What is BlueSale Launchpad?

BlueSale provides the infrastructure for projects wishing to launch on Arbitrum. BlueSale has many features that make it easier to launch a token, such as automatic listing on any DEX, LP lock options, and giving your tokens a vesting period.

How can I learn more about the project launching on BlueSale?

BlueSale offers infrastructure services to upcoming projects, although we provide some introductory details. For more comprehensive information about upcoming launches, it is recommended to refer to the specific project's Discord or Telegram channels.

What tokens do I need to participate in the BlueSale launchpad?

You should always double-check it with the project's official resources launching on BlueSale directly.

Is project ABC safe?

While we support protocols that use our infrastructure, we do not provide advice or recommendations for teams or tokens totally independent of BlueSale

Do the BlueSale team audit projects looking to use Launchpad?

BlueSale is an open infrastructure intended to facilitate the entire Arbitrum ecosystem. Please note that the use of BlueSale by a project does not necessarily indicate our endorsement or verification of its safety or security. Even though we take steps to keep out bad actors, we strongly suggest that you do your own research before taking part in any public sales.

What is FDV?

The fully diluted valuation (FDV) is an estimate of a project's future market capitalization, calculated by taking into account the market capitalization of all tokens that will be in circulation once the project's tokens are fully released.

How to calculate Circ. marketcap?

Circulating market cap = current price x circulating supply

How is the public sale price determined?

The launch model determines the specific details of each public sale. For more information on a particular sale, you can find detailed information located at the bottom of the public sale application page.

How do I use the referral links?

You can get your own affiliate link in the affiliate program section of the presale pool. You must log in to your MetaMask wallet to see your affiliate link. When someone allocates funds via your link to the public sale, you get an affiliate reward.

When can I claim my public sale allocation?

Look for the ''Claiming Process" description on the public sale page. You can claim your tokens once the β€œClaim Token” button lights up. The number of tokens that you can claim will also be shown next to the β€œClaim token” button.

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