How to use xBLS

Even though xBLS is not liquid and can't be traded right now, it can be used through plugin allocations and may have other uses in the future on approved (whitelisted) contracts.


Users have the freedom to allocate their available xBLS to any plugin of their choosing to reap its benefits. However, while xBLS is allocated and deposited on the token contract, it cannot be used for any other purposes.

If a user chooses to deallocate their allocated xBLS, the amount will be promptly returned to their wallet.

A default 0.5% fee will be applied when deallocating xBLS.


By default, xBLS cannot be transferred unless the addresses involved are whitelisted. This protocol is in place to make sure that important interactions with the token contract, such as allocations and redemptions, can still be done. Additionally, this feature allows for potential future use cases with specific partner implementations.

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