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Public Sale

BlueSale was made to be a community-driven protocol, and the launch of the BLS token is a big step toward making that happen. As a team, we have remained committed to building the best product possible before seeking funding, and therefore we are proud to confirm that the VC investment will be with us for a long time.
With this in mind, the public sale gives the community, investors, and partners a chance to buy BLS openly and fairly.
The public sale will begin on April 25th, 2023, and last until April 27th, 2023, with BLS liquidity going live within 24 hours of the sale ending.
  • 9 AM UTC, April 25th: Public sale start
  • 9 AM UTC, April 27th: Public sale end
  • April 28th: Token launch and Dividends open

Sale Terms

  • During the public sale, 8% of the total BLS supply (equivalent to 800,000 tokens out of 10,000,000) will be available, with 5.2% in BLS and 2.8% in xBLS.
  • Total public sale 630,000 USDC: 290,000 USDC worth of tokens for Sale on the BlueSale Platform, and the rest will be allocated to some reputation launchpads, equivalent to 340,000 USDC token worth. (Launchpad BSCStation and KDG)
  • Wallets can participate in two pools without a limit on the amount they can buy.
  • The allocation will be calculated after the sale is over.
    • The whitelist pool: $0.7 per token, with a cap of 70,000 USDC.
    • The non-whitelist pool: $0.8 per token, with a cap of 220,000 USDC.
    • The two pools will run simultaneously.
  • Once the sale ends, the actual allocation for participating wallets will be determined. If excess funds are raised, the remaining funds will be refunded to the users via smart contract.
  • If any tokens remain unsold, they will be burned.

How to participate?

We have designed and built the public sale on our own, which will take place on the BlueSale platform:
You will need USDC to participate in the sale, which will only happen on Arbitrum.
10,000 USDC is max cap for each participants.


A 65% BLS ratio and a 35% xBLS ratio will be allocated to participants in the public sale.
In other words, for every $100 allocated to the public sale, $65 BLS and $35 xBLS will be received.
The tokens will be claimable within 24 hours after the sale ends

The public sale proceeds will be directed in the following proportions:

  • 25% of the funds raised from the public sale will be paired with BLS liquidity, allowing us to ensure deep liquidity from the launch.
  • 15% will go to xBLS dividends, giving our long-term token holders healthy and stable yields before platform revenue starts.
  • 20% for marketing and listing.
  • Lastly, 40% will be used to support all development, audits, operation, etc.,