BlueSale Trending

BlueSale provides every project with the opportunity to be featured on our website's trending section. The launchpad shows the top 12 most popular projects. The order of the projects changes based on how well the token performs and how well they raise money.
So that everything is fair, the trending bar is controlled by an algorithm that can find and remove projects that try to cheat the system.
  • Buy volume —> the more buy volume on your presale pool, the higher you will trend.
  • KYC + Audit —> projects with KYC and Audit badges will get higher priority over projects without these badges.
  • SAFU —> projects with SAFU badges will get the highest priority with regards to trending.
Tip: To increase your chances of trending on BlueSale, try to optimize the metrics mentioned above. Please keep in mind, though, that there is no guarantee that your project will be trending because the algorithm constantly checks how popular each project is and makes changes based on that.
Furthermore, we advise project owners not to pay any external parties for "BlueSale Trending" services, as they are most likely scams. Our smart algorithm is designed to identify fraudulent trending behaviors and blacklist such projects. It is best to follow the tips mentioned above.
Please note that BlueSale Trending is a free service. If anyone approaches you for "BlueSale Trending" and asks for payment, they are most likely scammers. We recommend reporting and blocking such individuals.