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BlueSale KYC & Audit

What is KYC?

KYC is the process of identity verification of who we work with. How does it work? This process is only for Project owners and is determined by submitting ID documentation (Passport, National ID) to an automated platform. This is similar to the KYC process needed when opening up a trading account on a major exchange like Binance.

Why KYC for Project Owners?

At BlueSale, we want to provide a safe environment for our users to invest in. We hate scams and rug pulls, which is why we have built many features and tools for you to make informed decisions as to whether a presale is worth investing in.
Some projects have a KYC badge next to their names. That means they have passed our KYC process.

How does KYC process work?

The KYC process aims to rid our platform of scams and rug pulls. If any of the KYC project’s team members scam investors:
  • We will reveal their identities.
  • We will make this information public for those wanting to file criminal charges.
The KYC process on BlueSale is one of the great features that makes our platform more trusted. It will also help further clean up the crypto industry by making people realize they are accountable for their actions, even in a decentralized world.

Contact for KYC

BlueSale charges $650 per KYC, which may take 24–48 hours. Please contact Blue Master on Telegram for the KYC badge on BlueSale. We not only support KYC in English but also some local languages.


If you're looking for an audit service, please contact our Blue Master on Telegram for help.
Note: BlueSale only provides audit badges to presales with partner audit reports. It may take 24–48 hours, so contact us immediately.