Dividends distribute protocol earnings to users in 7-day cycles who have allocated their xBLS tokens to this plugin. Platform fees paid by project owners who want to launch their tokens are where the accumulated tokens come from. The way tokens are given out is based on a weekly epoch: every week, and the owner sets aside a set number of tokens to be given out.

As an example, the user allocates 100 xBLS to dividends. Every week, the user receives shares of protocol earnings, as a share of platform fees are distributed to dividend stakeholders.

The user decides to deallocate his xBLS tokens from dividends, a 0.5% deallocation fee is applied, and the user ends up with 99.5 xBLS and rewards earned through dividends.

A 0.5% fee is applied each time you wish to deallocate your xBLS from dividends

Pending rewards from dividends can be harvested at any time

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